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Attracting The Right Employees: A Study Of Successful Employer Branding (Management Project)

Employer branding is an area of growing importance and attention. Though the concept of attracting and recruiting employees is by no means a new one, the idea of the employer brand implies a more conscious opinion of companies as employers by potential employees and as a result a more considered approach by companies themselves.

The purpose of this study is to analyze how the attract stage of employer branding in an anonymous company could be improved and formulate suggestions for improvement. The analysis is performed with three different focuses: formulating an employer branding strategy, organizing a structure to implement this strategy and communication of the desired image and brand values.

Results show that the company is lacking in many areas and have potential for improvement in several key areas. The general analysis is that focus in employer branding is moving towards a more active dialogue with the target group where transparency and relations are emphasized. The company could improve their employer branding management by defining on a more specific target group, prioritize the opinion of this group over the general student population and use local brands more in the communication.
Source: KTH
Author: Ärnström, Erik | Bergman, Johan

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