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Attracting Foreign Direct Investment: A Case Study on the Swedish Region of Gävleborg (Management Project)

Aim: The research project discusses foreign direct investment as well as the attractiveness of the region of Gävleborg within this context. The researchers attempt to investigate why foreign direct investment is not yet common within the aforementioned region. Moreover, the aims of the study is evaluating the region of Gävleborg and current strategies of enticing foreign investments, as well as detecting roadblocks that hinder the establishment. Lastly, generating an outline of how to improve foreign investment attraction ought to be investigated.

Results & Conclusion: Gävleborg has a good infrastructure and accessibility, and is characterised by lower labour and living costs compared to other Swedish regions. Nonetheless, the number of inward investment is quite low. Main reasons for that are the lower level of education, high labour costs for low skilled jobs, missing financial incentives and a non-continuous work to attract inward investment. Therefore, the region may work on its attractiveness by increasing its awareness through attending trade fairs, and by collaborating with established companies and their partners.
Source: University of Gävle
Authors: Brückmann, Karin | Krake, Susann

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