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Strategy Perception: A Qualitative Study of Perception Differences and Similarities (Management Project)

Strategy is an important part of any business. To become successful, a company must put a lot of effort into creating a strong and feasible strategy. To eliminate problems to follow the strategy it should be clear and jointly formulated. However, a problem could still be that the strategy is perceived and understood differently by managers and employees within the company. This could implicate issues because these persons are expected to follow the strategy and adopt their plans according to it.

In this study we investigate how the perceptions of a strategy differ among employees within an organisation. This study is made with Yoigo, which is a Spanish telecommunication company that recently finished the creation of a new strategy.In this research, a qualitative method was used to collect primary data. Highly standardized and open interviews were conducted in Madrid at the Yoigo headquarter. In addition, observations were used as primary data in order to better answer our research questions and to fulfil our purpose.Our results indicate that there are significant differences and similarities in employees’ perception of the strategy.

This study also concludes that a company’s internal environment could affect employees’ strategy awareness. We tested the perception of strategy through four different perspectives. The first three are customers, competitors and corporation; these perspectives are pointed out as key factors to a successful strategy (Ohmae, 1982). The fourth perspective was to investigate how perceptions differed in terms of the strategy formation process. Our major findings are that employees’ perceptions regarding competitors and the strategy process are highly coherent while the opposite is found about customers and corporation.
Source: Jönköping University
Authors: Barazeghi, Roya | Hagring, Alexander | Klint, Fredrik

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