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Managers Communication: How Cultural Intelligence Affects Communication (Management Project)

As the world becomes more global and companies become internationalized there is a growing urge for companies to work more efficiently. A problem that might rise when people from different cultures work together, is the risk for misunderstandings when managers communicate with people from other cultures.

For that reason, managers of internationalized companies need to be culturally intelligent to avoid misunderstandings. Hence, our aim with this project is to see how managers’ Cultural Intelligence (CQ) affects their Communication.

In order to see how managers’ Cultural Intelligence affects their Communication we used a quantitative study (survey), where Swedish managers from international companies were target population. In the end though, we found no relation between CQ and managers communication skills. The number of responses from the survey was too small to in order to make any general conclusions.

The project may however have some contribution and value for Swedish managers. For companies in general, the study can give some indications that they should consider employees’ CQ and not only managers’ CQ. Communication however, is one of the most prominent factors when it comes to social interaction. Therefore, companies today should consider, when hiring, the new employees’ ability to adapt into new environments.
Source: Kristianstad University
Author: Hansson Noreke, Helena | Wirödal, Jonathan

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