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Promise and Performance of ERP (Management Project)

Organizations worldwide invest in enterprise system software to gain access to integration of transactions-oriented data and business process throughout the organization. From the vendor perspective Enterprise Resource Planning software is the enabler of the current dynamic business environment. It must be noted that this is the expectation of implementers.

For this reason researchers have focus attention on the effective implementation of the ERP. The core researches have been on ERP implementation i.e. factors affecting ERP implementation i.e. critical success factor, risks and failures. In the area of promise and performance of ERP the focus is more on educational sector. This paper seeks to take a study on the promise and performance in terms budget and time of ERP software in large organizations in Sweden.

In order to answer the research questions, we conducted an empirical study of manufacturing companies in Sweden that were using ERP. Companies were identified by examining their websites; after which top management and executives were interviewed. Data was collected by means of survey questionnaires and semi-structured interview.

It must be noted that the results portrayed that companies in Sweden adopt ERP for almost similar reasons as shown by the ranking of the perceived promise which is the motivation for ERP adoption by selected companies. Again, the performance of ERP is directly related to its promise as confirmed by respondents.
Source: Jönköping University
Author: Agyemang, Frank | Asante Ofori, Kingsley | Ofori, Sunday Jonathan

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