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The International Telecommunication Union (ITU), in its continued support of developing capacity building in the African Continent, sponsored the Human Resources Benchmarking study for telecommunications organizations in English-speaking Countries in Africa.

The study was supervised by the ITU regional human resources officer based in Harare and supported by the ITU human resources office in Geneva. The coordinator of the study was Edward Mallango, a former Director of the African Advanced Level Telecommunications Institute (AFRALTI) and ex-Director of Employee and Organizational Services in Tanzania Telecommunication Company Limited.

It is worthy to note that the questionnaires were completed by high-level staff, 85.7 per cent of whom were heads of human resources (HR) in their organizations. The participation rate and the level of staff completing the questionnaire possibly indicated the importance attached to the study and the need to benchmark among organizations in the telecommunication sector in the region. The questionnaire is featured in Annex 1 to this report.

The findings and views expressed in the report are those of the coordinator of the study and do not necessarily reflect those of the International Telecommunication Union or its regional human resources office for African English-speaking countries.
Source: ITU

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