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Knowledge transfer within a project based industrial company: A study of ABB Power Systems AB (Management Project)

Background: Amongst contemporary companies, knowledge is considered as an ever more important factor of production and hence a competitive device. Demands on well-developed processes of knowledge management are particularly high in project based companies.

Purpose: The purpose of this thesis is to investigate whether there is need to improve knowledge transfer between projects within the project based business of the case company, ABB Power Systems AB. If the investigation shows that such needs exist, the aim of the thesis is also to investigate the nature of these needs as well as to provide the company with suggestions on areas of improvement.

Delimitations: The thesis does not consider possible impacts of knowledge transfer within a group, or any one individual’s particular function within the organisation, on processes of knowledge transfer between projects.

Realisation: The investigation was carried out during a period of four weeks spent at the company’s main establishment in Ludvika, Sweden. It is based on 16 interviews with employees in two projects of different types, as well as observations on site.

Results: It is important for the company to identify existing types of knowledge within its business as well as to decide which one / ones to focus in its efforts to enhance the processes of knowledge transfer. Furthermore, the company is encouraged to decide upon one particular strategy on how to manage these matters. To identify a firmly established division of responsibility and to promote continuity in transfer processes is also important to the company. We believe that the presented reasoning can be useful not only to the case company but to other project based companies.
Source: Linköping University
Author: Asp Schneider, Nathali | Eriksson-Edgren, Malin

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