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Logistical Issues in a Transnational Supply Chain Project (Management Project)

In a current context of important material deliveries, mostly produced in Europe and shipped to China, many standards need to be set, rules to be established, liabilities to be defined. However, most of the time, to implement these concepts, the issues need to be faced first, and that is the situation at the moment in the Taishan project.

The choice in this master thesis has been made to focus on the overall delivery process, as well as the package opening once delivered to China, to detail the transmission of responsibilities and the actions to be implemented in case of problems.

This issue is of the greatest importance in such a project of Engineering and Procurement of two complete EPRTMreactors1. It is not the same treatment when a problem occurs on a simple valve and when it occurs on a several thousands euros worth element. The thorough study of the supply chain illustrates the theory to point out the main elements of concern.

From Sub-suppliers until building erection, the main points are discussed to give the reader an insight of integrated supply chain. As a consequence this master thesis introduces and discusses the supply chain related processes in the Taishan project, to give a clear overview of the reality.
Source: KTH
Author: Bazatolle, Thibaut

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