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Public Library, Halmstad, Sweden (Civil Project)

Halmstad was founded close to the Nissan river in 1307. In 1320’s the town moved to the present day town centre. Halmstad is an industrial and recreational city with a port. It is a quiet city at the mouth of Nissan in the province of Halland.

As we can see on the map, Halmstad is on the Swedish west coast. All areas around the river have always been important places for trade. From the 19th century all the whole area has been full of industries.

However, a few years ago this area started to change and nowadays there are plans for making this zone more attractive to inhabitants and tourists. As widely as possible all industries around this area will be reallocated.

This is a main reason why the city is growing up in this area, therefore I decided to build a residential zone; a project which will give more life to the actual industry zone in Halmstad. Without this project, this area will continue to remain unused and quiet.
Source: Halmstad University
Author: Lopez Lopez, Mikel

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