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3D-visualization of fairway margins, vessel hull versus depth data (Civil Project)

Fledermaus is software where different kind of analysis with spatial data can be done. The main area where to use Fledermaus is related to hydrographical surveys. This study is aimed to test and analyse the way Swedish Maritime Administration (Sjöfartsverket) uses Fledermaus. Through step by step explaining how to do when measuring sea bed conditions from a vessel, this text is possible to use as a manual for the applications that are mentioned in this report.

Another thing that is treated is the squat effect that belongs to vessel dynamic motions. Test of visualization that concerning squat in Fledermaus is done, but with a negative result when squat in a perspective to show motions in height that can be up to about a metre is very hard in a terrain model of thousands of metres. By further tests by arranging the input data, several interesting diagrams have been created through Microsoft Excel where graphs show that the depths are affecting the squat effect. This is showed in same diagram but with two different scales to show the relationship between how a point at the vessel moves in height compared to the depth under the vessel when the vessel is navigating in the sea.
Source: University of Gävle
Authors: Genel, Kerim | Andersson, Jörgen

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