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Phosphorus Removal from Domestic Wastewater Using Dual Reactive Materials Polonite® and Absol® (Civil Project)

Private wastewater treatment facilities release tons of phosphorus to the aquatic environment due to the insufficient removal efficiency in conventional soil infiltration systems. Reactive filter materials have demonstrated promising P removal rates.

Laboratory-scale column experiments were carried out using Absol® and Polonite® in dual infiltration media and results were compared with Polonite® functioning as the only layer of reactive filter material. Two sets of experiments were arranged with layer lengths of 5 cm and 15 cm which were operated for 50 and 119 days respectively.

Columns with an additional layer of Absol® demonstrated very good average removal rates of 85.99 % and 99.13 % in both experiments while the effluent in the former exceeded the maximum allowed P concentration shortly after half of the total time of the experiment.

On the other hand, O-P concentration in collected samples from dual filter media with 15 cm layers of Absol® and Polonite® (column B1) was as low as 0.04 mg/l after 119 days of operation exhibiting high potentials for Absol® in local wastewater treatment. Levels of pH in treated samples showed a decreasing trend in all columns which was similarly simultaneous with high removal rates observed in B1.
Source: KTH
Author: Fatehi Pouladi, Soheil

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