Developing an Employer Index within the Real Estate Industry (Civil Project)

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Employer brand establishes a firms’ identity as an employer. It distinguishes one firm from others, creating an identity that gives a competitive advantage in the search for skilled workforce.

This identity is becoming harder to establish for each day and is said to be just as important as retaining loyal customers. A strong employer brand can lead to a better pool of applicants in the recruitment process and many other returns, both financial and other.

In the real estate sector in Sweden there is currently an excess demand for competent employees and this problem is growing for each day. Hence the matter of employer branding becomes of utter most important to this sector.

Due to the importance of the matter in this market, we have come to realise that the market lacks a tool that makes the subject of employer branding more applicable and measurable. This study presents an index and complementing results that makes the matter more hands on and applicable in practice.

Through a large quantitative study with questionnaires and through studying previous research on the subject, the main factors that affect employer branding have been distinguished and enquired about in the survey.

The results from the study show that there is a correlation between how well known the companies are and how attractive they are as employers to current and potential employees. It also shows that the results on an average are rather low and that there is a lack of investments in companies employer brands, both in a financial terms and in a time perspective.
Source: KTH
Author: Farahvashi, Vida | Broström, Trude

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