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Today´s roofing of dwelling houses is a very time consuming procedure, which includes a lot of different steps on the construction site. Not only does it cost a lot of money, but often do problems with rot and mold occur in the attics of houses today.

The use of prefabricated modules has seen a great breakthrough in the field of construction of dwelling houses; at least when it comes to foundations and walls, where this type of approach makes the construction process way more efficient.

What no one previous has succeeded to develop is a corresponding system for roofs that meets the demands of a dwelling house. Accordingly the goal of PlusTak has been to come up with a proper module system for roofing of dwelling houses, where the roofing is completed to meet the demands of the Scandinavian market.

During the project a lot of effort has been put into customer contacts and the usability of the product, as well in the manufacturing process as on the construction site. This development has gone hand in hand with several practical tests and tryouts.

The project group has also participated in the use of PlusTak at various construction sites this spring, to get a better view of what could be further developed with the product. The outcome is a complete roofing system which is almost entirely prefabricated, and only requires a few hours on the construction site for completion of a fully weather protected roof.

PlusTak is a very flexible system which is perfectly suitable for different house and roof types, and fits almost any roof pitch. The visible layer of the roof is available both as a classic seamed tin roof and with traditional tiles. Thanks to the great capability of insulation within the PlusTak system it suits the modern energy efficient houses perfectly.

Moreover the insulation layer of the roof is placed in the outer roof, which eliminates the problems concerning condensation that occurs in weather and temperature changes, which has been a growing issue lately. Thus, PlusTak offers a cost-effective roof system of the as well as it provides a totally carefree ownership.

An intense marketing campaign has been conducted through several channels during the development of the product. PlusTak was presented with great success at Nordbyggmässan in Stockholm, the biggest construction fair in Scandinavia, in March 2010. This was right after the product became patent pending. PlusTak has currently sold for over one million SEK and has been quoted on request for over 40 million SEK.

The annual market in Sweden corresponds to over two billion, despite the current recession. The project group is counting on taking over 2-10% of that market within a period of five years.
Source: Halmstad University
Author: Johansson, Ohlsson, Nilsson, Andreas, Johan, Arvid

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