XS Architecture versus XL Furniture: The scale in-between (Civil Project)

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The manipulation of space, materials and issues about shape, color, texture and gravity are common to architecture and furniture. For my degree project, I examine the three-dimensional territories of architecture and furniture.

I investigate how the notion of architecture can influence furniture design, or the other way around. Many times, architects cross the boundary from building to furniture design to try and challenge themselves with different scale as same as designer.

With my project, I don’t want to cross the border between them, but rather seek the space in-between the two territories, where design and architecture are blended.

I’m intrigued by particular spaces and things when they can’t be classified exactly; something in-between. It leaves me with curiosity, inspiration and space for imagination. My project can be seen as something in-between because it is hard to define.

Whether it is extra small architecture or an extra large piece of furniture, it is somewhere in-between these aspects of scale and function.
Source: University College of Arts, Crafts and Design
Author: Manupipatpong, Worapong

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