Housing Project – Pattaya Thailand (Civil Project)

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This report will examine the problems and possibilities of building a luxurious modern residence in Pattaya, Thailand, incorporating the old traditional building styles of the wooden houses to an ecological house with a low demand for technology.

The client, B. Grimm Group, has recently set up a polo club in the vicinity of Pattaya and has requested a complete set of layouts regarding a planned housing area on the premises.

The project includes a structure plan of the village area, perspectives, facades, building layouts and axonometric views of all house types, as well as garden plans. The written report works as a complement to the designs and explains the background to the final proposal.

The report also handles the building technology and construction process of building a traditional Thai house and briefly investigates the ecological aspects of building in Thailand.
Source: Jönköping University
Author: Lindberg, Karin | Nordlander, Anna

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