Energy-efficient design and application of Geothermal Energy in buildings of areas of protected cultural heritage: Case study Mani, Greece (Civil Project)

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The objective of this study is to present a feasible sustainable solution for the touristic development of the sensitive area of Mani, in south Greece. Primary attention was given in the special architecture and cultural elements of Mani, which are protected under the Greek legislation system due to its unique nature, locality and historical importance.

The case that is examined is based on the initiative of Mauroeidakos family to renovate its Tower-dwelling and transform its private usage to hotel facility service. The idea was realized under the guide of the “Oikomorphes” company and the author extended its scope to meet synchronous practices of sustainable development. The Tower’s architectural restoration was strict and precise according to the advice of the Archaeological Service and the guidelines of Greek Law 3028/2002.

The structure was thoroughly studied in the energy simulation software Consolis Energy +, which is developed by Professor Gudni Johannesson and the final conclusions were made depending on the energy balance and performance. The introduction of geothermy was made by the author as a solution for heating and cooling based on case studies that are widely practiced in Sweden, Switzerland and U.S.A. and its environmental benefits.

The geothermal system which is proposed for the structure is established according to the values provided by the energy design simulation and the calculations from the RETScreen Software for Ground-Source Heat Pump Project Model, free for commercial and institutional use. The study could be used as a baseline not only for touristic facilities but for private houses as well, where their owners would renovate, in accordance to their local environment of cultural heritage and the respect on Nature.
Source: KTH
Author: Routsolias, Panagiotis

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