Cross-layer Optimization Protocols in Ad-hoc Networks: Analysis and Practical Implementation of Transport and Network Layers (Electronics Project)

Ad-hoc wireless networks use multi-hop transmissions to communicate, without exploiting any infrastructure. Logical links create unreliable connections between nodes: the capacity of the channel can unpredictably change due to the Continue reading

IoT based Smart Vehicle Automation and Control with Enhanced Safety, Security and Traking System using Wireless Sensors Networks (Electronics Project)


In these modern era transportation is becoming as one of the important need of human. Though it has numerous need, we face lot of problem in it which cost human life. This paper deals with problem which cause accident and also to ensure Continue reading

Augmented Robotics Dialog System for Enhancing Human–Robot Interaction (Computer Project)


Augmented reality, augmented television and second screen are cutting edge technologies that provide end users extra and enhanced information related to certain events in real time. This enriched information helps users better understand such events, Continue reading

Intrinsic Embedded Sensors for Polymeric Mechatronics: Flexure and Force Sensing (Mechanical Project)


While polymeric fabrication processes, including recent advances in additive manufacturing, have revolutionized manufacturing, little work has been done on effective sensing elements compatible with and embedded within polymeric structures Continue reading

Enhanced Strain Measurement Range of an FBG Sensor Embedded in Seven-Wire Steel Strands (Civil Project)


FBG sensors offer many advantages, such as a lack of sensitivity to electromagnetic waves, small size, high durability, and high sensitivity. However, their maximum strain measurement range is lower than the yield strain range (about 1.0%) of steel Continue reading

An Embedded Real-Time Red Peach Detection System based on an OV7670 Camera, ARM Cortex-M4 Processor and 3D Look-Up Tables (Computer Project)


This work proposes the development of an embedded real-time fruit detection system for future automatic fruit harvesting. The proposed embedded system is based on an ARM Cortex-M4 (STM32F407VGT6) processor and an Omnivision OV7670 color camera. Continue reading

A Practical Framework to Study Low-Power Scheduling Algorithms on Real-Time and Embedded Systems (Computer Project)


With the advanced technology used to design VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration) circuits, low-power and energy-efficiency have played important roles for hardware and software implementation. Real-time scheduling is one of the fields that has attracted Continue reading

Eyes of Things (Electrical/Electronics Project)


Embedded systems control and monitor a great deal of our reality. While some “classic” features are intrinsically necessary, such as low power consumption, rugged operating ranges, fast response and low cost, these systems have evolved in the last few years Continue reading

A General-Purpose Graphics Processing Unit (GPGPU)-Accelerated Robotic Controller Using a Low Power Mobile Platform (Electrical/Electronics Project)


Robotic controllers have to execute various complex independent tasks repeatedly. Massive processing power is required by the motion controllers to compute the solution of these computationally intensive algorithms. General-purpose graphics processing Continue reading