Detection of Driver Unawareness Based on Long and Short-term Analysis of Driver Lane Keeping (Electronics Project)

Many traffic accidents are caused by driver unawareness. This includes fatigue, drowsiness and distraction. In this study two systems are described that could be used to decrease the number of accidents. In the first part of this study a system using long-term information to warn drivers suffering from Continue reading

Semi-Empiric Algorithm for Assessment of the Vehicle Mobility (Mechanical Project)

The mobility of military vehicles plays a key role in operation. The ability to reach the desired area in war theatre represents the most important condition for a successful accomplishment of the mission for military vehicles. The offroad vehicles face a broad spectrum of terrains to cross. These terrains differ by geometry and the soil characteristics. Continue reading

Workload Model based Dynamic Adaptation of Social Internet of Vehicles (Electrical/Electronics Project)


Social Internet of Things (SIoT) has gained much interest among different research groups in recent times. As a key member of a smart city, the vehicular domain of SIoT (SIoV) is also undergoing steep development. In the SIoV, vehicles work as sensor-hub to Continue reading

Social Internet of Vehicles for Smart Cities (Civil Project)


Digital devices are becoming increasingly ubiquitous and interconnected. Their evolution to intelligent parts of a digital ecosystem creates novel applications with so far unresolved security issues. A particular example is a vehicle. As vehicles evolve from Continue reading

Interval Based Integer Ambiguity Resolution Using Multiple Antennas: Applied to airplane attitude determination (Mechanical Project)

Finding the correct integers is the key to high precision range measurements. This has been an issue of investigation since the early 1980’s and many different techniques have been developed, none of them can guarantee to resolve the correct integers in 100% of the Continue reading