Keyboard Emulation Data Logger (Electrical/Electronics Project)


The purpose of this project is to design and build a low cost, portable USB data logger for electrical engineering labs. This data logger connects to any computer through a USB port and appears as a keyboard to the host’s operating system. The logger performs Continue reading

Hardware and Software Study of Active Noise Cancellation (Electrical/Electronics Project)


Noise cancellation involves removing an unwanted noise while keeping the source sound. The source sound may consist of speech, music played from a device such as an iPod or a computer, or no sound at all. The objective of this project is to study the process Continue reading

3D Model of Fuel Tank for System Simulation: A methodology for combining CAD models with simulation tools (Mechanical Project)

Engineering aircraft systems is a complex task. Therefore models and computer simulations are needed to test functions and behaviors of non existing systems, reduce testing time and cost, reduce the risk involved and to detect problems early which reduce the Continue reading

Monophonic Pitch Recognition (Electrical/Electronics Project)

The purpose of this project is to create a system that automatically converts monophonic music into its MIDI equivalent. Automatic pitch recognition allows for numerous commercial applications, including automatic transcription and digital storage Continue reading

Viscosity Dependence of Faraday Wave Formation Thresholds (Electrical/Electronics Project)


This experiment uses an electromagnetic shaker to produce standing wave patterns on the surface of a vertically oscillating sample of silicon liquid. These surface waves, known as Faraday waves, form shapes such as squares, lines, and hexagons. Continue reading

Flight Testing Small UAVs for Aerodynamic Parameter Estimation (Electrical/Electronics Project)


A flight data acquisition system was developed to aid unmanned vehicle designers in verifying the vehicle’s design performance. The system is reconfigurable and allows the designer to choose the correct combination of complexity, risk, and cost for a Continue reading

Development of a Digital Controller for Motor Control (Electrical/Electronics Project)


A digital motor controller for student lab use is designed, built, and tested. The controller uses an encoder for position measurement, and an H-bridge to drive the electromechanical plant. A user interface is created to enhance usability of the device. Continue reading