Numerical Examination of the Nonlinear Dynamics of a Hybrid Acousto-Optic Bragg Cell with Positive Feedback under Profiled Beam Propagation (Electrical Project)

In standard weak interaction theory, acousto-optic Bragg analysis typically assumes that the incident light and sound beams are uniform plane waves. Acousto-optic Bragg diffraction with nonuniform profiled input beams is numerically examined under Continue reading

A Hybrid FPGA-based System for EEG-and EMG-based Online Movement Prediction (Computer Project)


A current trend in the development of assistive devices for rehabilitation, for example exoskeletons or active orthoses, is to utilize physiological data to enhance their functionality and usability, for example by predicting the patient’s upcoming Continue reading

Flexible, Scalable and Energy Efficient Bio-Signals Processing on the PULP Platform: A Case Study on Seizure Detection (Electrical/Electronics Project)


Ultra-low power operation and extreme energy efficiency are strong requirements for a number of high-growth application areas requiring near-sensor processing, including elaboration of biosignals. Parallel near-threshold computing is emerging as an approach Continue reading

Development of Embedded EM Sensors for Estimating Tensile Forces of PSC Girder Bridges (Civil Project)


The tensile force of pre-stressed concrete (PSC) girders is the most important factor for managing the stability of PSC bridges. The tensile force is induced using pre-stressing (PS) tendons of a PSC girder. Because the PS tendons are located inside Continue reading

A Linked List-based Algorithm for Blob Detection on Embedded Vision-based Sensors (Electrical/Electronics Project)


Blob detection is a common task in vision-based applications. Most existing algorithms are aimed at execution on general purpose computers; while very few can be adapted to the computing restrictions present in embedded platforms. This paper focuses Continue reading

An Embedded Sensing and Communication Platform, and a Healthcare Model for Remote Monitoring of Chronic Diseases (Electrical/Electronics Project)


This paper presents a new remote healthcare model, which, exploiting wireless biomedical sensors, an embedded local unit (gateway) for sensor data acquisition-processing-communication, and a remote e-Health service center, can be scaled Continue reading

Using Monocular Vision and Image Correlation to Accomplish Autonomous Localization (Electrical/Electronics Project)


For autonomous navigation, robots and vehicles must have accurate estimates of their current state (i.e. location and orientation) within an inertial coordinate frame. If a map is given a priori, the process of determining this state is known as localization. Continue reading