IoT based Smart Vehicle Automation and Control with Enhanced Safety, Security and Traking System using Wireless Sensors Networks (Electronics Project)


In these modern era transportation is becoming as one of the important need of human. Though it has numerous need, we face lot of problem in it which cost human life. This paper deals with problem which cause accident and also to ensure Continue reading

Automated Mounting of Pole-Shoe Wedges in Linear Wave Power Generators—Using Industrial Robotics and Proximity Sensors (Electrical/Electronics Project)


A system for automatic mounting of high tolerance wedges inside a wave power linear generator is proposed. As for any renewable energy concept utilising numerous smaller generation units, minimising the production cost per unit is vital for commercialization. Continue reading

The Thorvald II Agricultural Robotic System (Electrical/Electronics Project)


This paper presents a novel and modular approach to agricultural robots. Food production is highly diverse in several aspects. Even farms that grow the same crops may differ in topology, infrastructure, production method, and so on. Modular robots help us adapt Continue reading

Augmented Robotics Dialog System for Enhancing Human–Robot Interaction (Computer Project)


Augmented reality, augmented television and second screen are cutting edge technologies that provide end users extra and enhanced information related to certain events in real time. This enriched information helps users better understand such events, Continue reading

Mini-UAV based Sensory System for Measuring Environmental Variables in Greenhouses (Electrical/Electronics Project)


This paper describes the design, construction and validation of a mobile sensory platform for greenhouse monitoring. The complete system consists of a sensory system on board a small quadrotor (i.e., a four rotor mini-UAV). The goals of this system include Continue reading

A Novel Cloud-based Service Robotics Application to Data Center Environmental Monitoring (Computer Project)


This work presents a robotic application aimed at performing environmental monitoring in data centers. Due to the high energy density managed in data centers, environmental monitoring is crucial for controlling air temperature and humidity throughout Continue reading

Sending Safety Video over WiMAX in Vehicle Communications (Electrical/Electronics Project)


This paper reports on the design of an OPNET simulation platform to test the performance of sending real-time safety vi deo over VANET (Vehicular Adhoc NETwork) using the WiMAX technology. To provide a more realistic environment for streaming Continue reading

Novel Concrete Temperature Monitoring Method based on an Embedded Passive RFID Sensor Tag (Civil Project)


This paper firstly introduces the importance of temperature control in concrete measurement, then a passive radio frequency identification (RFID) sensor tag embedded for concrete temperature monitoring is presented. In order to reduce the influences Continue reading

On the Impact of Building Attenuation Models in VANET Simulations of Urban Scenarios (Electrical/Electronics Project)


Buildings are important elements of cities for VANETs, since these obstacles may attenuate communications between vehicles. Consequently, the impact of buildings has to be considered as part of the attenuation model in VANET simulations of urban Continue reading