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Aspects Of The Choice Of Sampling Frequency In The Control System Of A Gas Turbine (Electrical/Electronics Project)

At Siemens, PLCs are used to control the gas turbines, and to execute the code in the plcs cyclic interrupts are used. If the execution time for the interrupt becomes close to the cyclic time of the interrupt the load of the PLC increases. High load levels can lead to Continue reading

Modelling and Simulation of Temperature Variations of Bearings in a Hydropower Generation Unit (Mechanical Project)

Hydropower contributes around 20% to the world electricity supply and is considered as the most important, clean, emissions free and economical renewable energy source.  Total installed capacity of Hydropower generation is approximately 777GW in the world (2998TWh/year). Furthermore, estimated technically feasible hydropower potential in Continue reading

Rapid prototyping: development and evaluation of Field Oriented Control using LabView FPGA (Electronics Project)

This report describes the work of developing a rapid prototyping system for Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors using LabView FPGA at ABB Corporate Research in Västerås. The aim of the rapid prototyping system is to serve as an additional tool to simulation when evaluating Continue reading