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Energy Efficient Switched Parasitic Array Antenna for 5G Networks and IoT (Electrical/Computer Project)


This paper includes design and implementation result of an adaptive beam forming antenna for upcoming 5G and Internet of Things (IoT). Switched parasitic array antennas are low cost, small sized and compact circular array antennas Continue reading

Enhanced Fingerprinting and Trajectory Prediction for IoT Localization in Smart Buildings (Electronics Project)


Location service is one of the primary services in smart automated systems of Internet of Things (IoT). For various location-based services, accurate localization has become a key issue. Recently, research on IoT localization systems for smart Continue reading

IoT based Smart Vehicle Automation and Control with Enhanced Safety, Security and Traking System using Wireless Sensors Networks (Electronics Project)


In these modern era transportation is becoming as one of the important need of human. Though it has numerous need, we face lot of problem in it which cost human life. This paper deals with problem which cause accident and also to ensure Continue reading

IOT Based Smart Farming System (Computer/Electronics Project)


Farming is a major input sector for economic development of any country. Livelihood of majority of population of the country like India depends on agriculture. In this project, it is proposed to develop a Smart Farming Continue reading