Virtualization of Event Sources in Wireless Sensor Networks for the Internet of Things (Electrical/Electronics Project)


Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) are generally used to collect information from the environment. The gathered data are delivered mainly to sinks or gateways that become the endpoints where applications can retrieve and process such data. Continue reading

Building And Experimentally Evaluating a Smart Antenna for Lowpower Wireless Communication (Electronics Project)

In wireless communication there is commonly much unnecessary communication made in directions not pointing towards the recipient. Normally omni directional antennas are being used which sends the same amount of energy in all directions equally. This waste of energy reduces the Continue reading

Smart City Services over a Future Internet Platform based on Internet of Things and Cloud: The Smart Parking Case (Management Project)


Enhancing the effectiveness of city services and assisting on a more sustainable development of cities are two of the crucial drivers of the smart city concept. This paper portrays a field trial that leverages an internet of things (IoT) platform intended Continue reading