Design and Implementation of a Module Generator for Low Power Multipliers (Electronics Project)

Multiplication is an important part of real-time system applications. Various hardware parallel multipliers used in such applications have been proposed. However, when the operand sizes of the multipliers and the process technology need to be changed, the Continue reading

Exergy Analysis at the Community Level: matching supply and demand of heat and electricity in residential buildings (Civil Project)

Most of the energy required by residential buildings is for low temperature heat. Often this demand is met by the use of high quality energy sources such as fossil fuels and electricity. The energy analysis alone does not take into account the quality of energy and Continue reading

Distributed search for balanced energy consumption spanning trees in Wireless Sensor Networks

Sensor networks are commonly used for security and surveillance applications. As sensor nodes have limited battery power, computing, and storage resources, the energy efficient security techniques are needed.

We provide a new heuristic approach to search for balanced and small weight routing spanning trees in a network. The approach is Continue reading