Aspects Of The Choice Of Sampling Frequency In The Control System Of A Gas Turbine (Electrical/Electronics Project)


At Siemens, PLCs are used to control the gas turbines, and to execute the code in the plcs cyclic interrupts are used. If the execution time for the interrupt becomes close to the cyclic time of the interrupt the load of the PLC increases. High load levels Continue reading

Gender difference in financial decision making: A quantitative study of risk aversion and overconfidence between the genders (Management Project)

The purpose of this study is to determine if gender can really affect financial decisions. We investigate the relationship between risk aversion, gender and overconfidence. We have conducted this study with a positivistic view and used a deductive approach starting to conduct a literature review of theories and build the Continue reading

Conceptual Simulator Implementation of Flapping Wing Micro Air Vehicle Using FLAMES (Mechanical Project)

The interest for Flapping Wing Micro Air Vehicles (FWMAV) is growing. With this comes a need for future users to test and evaluate these vehicles with simulations. This study presents a first iteration of an implementation of a FWMAV in FLAMES Simulation Framework. An aerodynamic model based on the Continue reading