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Simulation of an Electrical Machine: With Superconducting Magnetic Bearings (Mechanical/Electrical Project)

This project investigates if there is an induction motor configuration that can be used with a flywheel energy storage system, that uses passive superconducting magnetic bearings (SMBs). The configurations should be able to Continue reading

Computational Foundations for Computer Aided Conceptual Design of Multiple Interaction-State Mechatronic Devices (Mechanical Project)

Increasing autonomy and intelligence in mechatronic devices requires them to be multiple interaction-state devices. Different modes of operations and different types of interactions with the use-environment require the device to have multiple interaction-states, each state capable of producing a different behavior to meet its intended requirements.

For multiple interaction-state mechatronic devices, a satisfactory framework Continue reading

Tracking Robot Using Ultrasonic Technology (Robotics/Mechanical Project)

This project describes the development of a robot that follows a transmitter within a chosen distance using ultrasonic technology. The purpose of the report is to investigate how the chosen distance Continue reading