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Optimally Fuel Efficient Speed Adaptation (Electronics/Electrical Project)

An optimal velocity trajectory for a heavy duty vehicle, obtained with the aid of modern GPS and digital map devices, depends on several variables. Curvature speed limitations, road grade, and posted road speed are common constraints imposed by the road travelled. This project presents a method for Continue reading

Modular General-Purpose Data Filtering for Tracking (Electrical/Electronics Project)

In nearly all modern tracking systems, signal processing is an important part with state estimation as the fundamental component. To evaluate and to reassess different tracking systems in an affordable way, simulations that are in accordance with reality are largely used. Simulation software that is composed of Continue reading

Modeling of the arterial system with an AVD implanted (Electrical/Biomedical Project)

The number of patients that are waiting for heart transplants far exceed the number of available donor hearts. Left Ventricular Assist Devices are mechanical alternatives that can help and are helping several patients. They work by taking blood from the left Continue reading