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Automated Multiple Water Filling (Electronics Project)

This project was discussed about the design and implementation of automated multiple water filling machine using Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). This system suitable for liquid product that required exact amount of liquid and have 2 different flavor of liquid to be filled in the bottle such as drinking water (syrup and orange).

This is a batch operation where a set amount of inputs to be process is received as a group, and an operation produces the finish product. Generally, the function of the machine is to fill the water automatically into bottles through a conveyor. So in this process, the bottle that will fill with this flavor water will mark with 2 color stickers where each color sticker will represent each flavor of water.

The objective of this project was to be applied in drinking water industries and to automated the water filling process which can save time and cost. This project is the combination of PLC, and electrical DC motor system. This project is divided into 4 sections; the loading section, the conveyor section, path divider section and filling section, where the whole sections is controlled by PLC.
Source: UTeM
Author: Ruhairi Bin Abdul Rahim

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