Witches, Warlocks and Traffic Encounters: Designing the interaction for an Ad hoc Gaming Experience (Computer/Electronics Project)

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This thesis explores the problems and possibilities concerning the interaction between players physically located in different cars during temporary meetings in a gaming situation.

The thesis is part of a study set out to investigate how traffic encounters can be used as a resource in a mobile, multiplayer game intended as entertainment for children traveling in the backseat of cars. The multiplayer capabilities are realized by using wireless networks in ad hoc peer- to-peer mode, GPS positioning and a digital compass.

Designing the interaction for an ad hoc, mobile multiplayer experience introduces several design challenges, such as how to adapt to the temporality of traffic encounters and how to establish a connection between the digital game and the physical context.

The nature of traffic encounters inspired us to take a new approach to the interaction. The interaction is accomplished using a device, which enables direct interaction between players physically located in different cars. A prototype game was constructed within the frames of the project, which this thesis was part of, to test the functionality of the game concept. The prototype has been tested in its real setting, i.e. inside a car.

The study and the work on this thesis was initialised and supervised by Liselott Brunnberg and the work was carried out at the Mobility Studio at the Interactive Institute in Stockholm during late spring and summer 2003.
Source: Linköping University
Author: Hulterström, Kristina

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