Tracking Devices for Elderly Care System by using GPS and RF Tags (Electronics Project)

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At present, elderly people are surfing from dementia and Alzheimer’s disease across the world. The aged population has been increasing and will continue to do so in the coming decades. Those elderly who are suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s disease require continuous attention.

So these people need a responsible person (either a nurse or family caretaker) to look after and provide support in any case of emergency. The number of these patients is dramatically increasing. This is difficult to care for them all by hiring a personal caretaker for each patient.

Consequently, with the help of electronics and computer technology, scientists currently develop efficient and user-friendly devices that can help look after a patient easily or even remotely. Hence it is possible to look after not only a single patient but also monitor a number of patients at the same time.

In this thesis, after a brief study about elderly tracking devices, the limitation was identified, and relevant improvements were suggested for the devices. A survey has been conducted to present the opinion of consumer of LDS Finder and Teltonika HandHeld tracking devices.

A website was developed in which relevant information is available regarding the availability of the tracking devices for the elderly.
Source: Tampere University of Technology
Authors: Muhammad Wasim Munir

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