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Ontology Supported Personalized Search for Mobile Devices (Computer Project)

Web search is a frequent activity on Internet connected devices, yet still a nuisance when user is using a mobile device, taking into consideration their limited keypad and screen, and that search results could be mostly irrelevant for the user needs given its mobile context.

When in move, the user needs an efficient way to introduce query terms and receive more precise information. We propose a Context Model to represent the context-aware information, which will be used to offer a better word recommendation and an autocompletion system to improve the user experience.

This Context Model uses ontologies and a thesaurus to support a word recommender system that enhances the typing task and takes into account the user’s context and device characteristics.
Source: CEUR Workshop Proceedings
Author: Daniel Aréchiga, Jesús Vegas and Pablo de la Fuente Redondo

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