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Dial over Data solution (Electronics/Telecom Project)

The increased use of computer networks has lead to the adoption of Internet-based solutions for reducing telephony costs. This has proved to be a boon to callers who can reach the other party directly via the Internet.

Unfortunately numerous business persons still need to call to and from mobile phones which are currently a domain where the customers are generally tightly bound to their operators.

To provide a simple solution to this problem for companies, Opticall AB has designed an integrated system called the Dial over Data solution, coupling a mobile interface with a low-rate communication channel, which allows calls to be originated remotely at the best price, exploiting the customer company’s existing network.

This scheme allows the customer company to easily control telecommunications costs, to monitor their employees’ efficiency, and more generally speaking to claim a central role in the communications of their employees. The proposed solution allows distant callers (usually employees of the customer company) to benefit from the company’s internal network, which is usually more cost effective and offering connectivity to more networks than a cell phone.

The Dial over Data solution enables communication between any phone accessible from the customer company’s telephony network (such as SIP clients, landline phones, and mobile phones) at a lower cost.

This project analyzes existing technologies and compares them to the pre-existing prototype to ascertain the validity of the method and of the components used. This project also explains the improvements brought to the features offered by the DoD solution: the initial prototype has been developed into a stable and functional product, and has been tested internally.

Prompted by a need for scalability and additional features, the replacement of Asterisk for the handling of SIP calls by other SIP servers has also been considered and tested.
Source: KTH
Author: Weltz, Max

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