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A Prototype System for Ontology Matching using Polygons (Computer Project)

When two distributed parties want to share information stored in ontologies, they have to make sure that they refer to the same concepts. This is done matching the ontologies.

This study will show the implementation of a method for automatic ontology matching based on the representation of polygons. The method is used to compare two ontologies and determine the degree of similarity between them.

The first of the ontologies will be taken as the standard, while the other will be compared to it by analyzing the elements in both. According to the degrees of similarity obtained from the comparison of elements, a set of polygons is represented for the standard ontology and another one for the second ontology.

Comparing the polygons we obtain the final result of the similarity between the ontologies. With that result it is possible to determine if two ontologies handle information referred to the same concept.
Source: Jönköping University
Author: Herrero, Ana

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