Launching a New-to-the-World Product (Management Project)

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Innovation is something that continuously leads to new knowledge and technologies. A vital step for an innovation is to actually launch it as a product. If the launch would be improved, the rate of success would increase.

The purpose of this paper is to study how new-to-the-world products could be launched.

The delimitations in this paper are that issues concerning the brand, promotion, logistics and additionally the process before the launch will not be considered.

The research is characterized by an inductive approach. The information in this paper was gathered by a case study, semi-structured interviews and a survey. Due to both quantitative and qualitative research, triangulation was used.

There are many elements to take into account when launching a new-to-the-world product. These elements are adoption and diffusion process, segmentation, price, timing, power of buyers, relative advantage and compatibility. Also if first-mover-advantage could be realized should be taken into consideration.

Suggestion for further research:
Further research could involve going deeper into different companies and finding patterns between different industries. By more people shining light upon this subject, more views and aspects can arise, which could contribute to a broader understanding of the concept launch.
Source: Linnaeus University
Authors: Bengtsson, Lina | Valler, Desirée | Gjurovski, Kristian

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