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User’s views of Efficiency and Satisfaction in the usage of an Internal e-Service: Case study Örebro municipality (Management Project)

Government organizations are complex with employees of all kinds of occupations. To support the employees and make their daily processes efficient and satisfying, government organizations implements IT.

Örebro municipality uses an internal e-Service; called Personec P Self-service, for their employees where they can register/request leave of absence, vacation, change of turns within their department and many other features.

It is essential for a system to match the reality in which it is supposed to function. This paper is a quantitative study, which aims to evaluate employees views of an internal e-Service used in the municipality of Örebro from a user-centric perspective in terms of system efficiency and system satisfaction.

A Web-based semi structured questionnaire was developed and sent out to registered e-mail addresses gathered from the municipality’s internal e-mail system for employees. The total collected number of responses was 1626 and a frequency analysis method was used.

A majority of the respondents agree that the system is efficient and satisfying; however, the system needs to improve in usability aspects. The internal e-Service is not adaptable for those who are novice computer users or infrequent users.
Source: Örebro University
Author: Kara, Vikesh

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