An Image-Processing oriented Optical Mark Reader (OMR) (Computer Project)

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This paper describes the development of an optical mark reader that can be used for counting the examination score from the multiple-choice answer sheet. The system is developed based on PC-type microcomputer connecting to an image scanner.

The system operations can be distinguished into two modes: learning mode and operation mode. In the learning mode, the model corresponding to each type of answer sheet is constructed by extracting all significant horizontal and vertical lines in the blank-sheet image.

Then, every possibly cross-line will be located to form rectangular area. In the operation mode, each sheet fed into the system has to be identified by matching the horizontal lines detected with every model. The data extraction from each area can be performed based on the horizontal and vertical projections of the histogram.

For the answer checking purpose, the number of black pixels in each answer block is counted, and the difference of those numbers between the input and its corresponding model is used as decision criterion.

Finally, the database containing a list of subjects, students, and scores can be created. The experimental results on many styles of answer sheets show the effectiveness of such a system.
Source: Academicpub
Author: Rakesh S | Kailash Atal | Ashish Arora

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