Design of a Power Saving Home Automation System (Electronics Project)

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The goal of our project is to design a user-friendly home automation system which can be easily integrated into existing homes and businesses. This home automation system controls temperature, lights, and plug-ins based on user specifications.

Overall, the project subsystems (person tracker, light and temperature control) are working to specifications. Currently, our user interface is in the process of being worked.

The price of electricity and demand for power is predicted to increase exponentially in the next several years. In fact, the world’s demand for power is rising faster than the demand can be met.

Consequently, industries, homes, and businesses are already taking power saving measures to  save money and to become more environmentally friendly. Power saving techniques seem to have a small impact to each individual, but as the price and demand for electricity rises, the collective power saving actions of everyone will make a significant difference.

How many times have you forgotten to turn off the lights or TV when you stopped using them? Have you even turned the kitchen lights on to grab dinner and then leave them on when you left to watch TV? Chances are that situations similar to this have happened to all of us- and it happens every day.

Currently, there are home automation systems on the market that have the ability to turn off lights automatically to help save money. The problem is that the savings are so little in comparison to the initial cost of the system. These systems are bought for their convenience and  not their power saving capabilities.
Source: IOSR Journals
Authors: Bryan MacKenzie | Marvin Tong | Addison Revoy | Niladri Sarker

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