Designing Home Automation System (HAS) using Java ME for Mobile Phone (Electronics/Computer Project)

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Home automation means to control home appliances and their characteristics like on and off, speed, volume and dimming. Since last few years, ICT (Information Communication Technology) have been increasingly embedded into surroundings.

This inclination has been frequently referred to as pervasive or ubiquitous computing, where mobile devices are practiced widely. Home automation is taken up on the basis of simplicity, protection and power consumption effectiveness.

This paper presents the design and implementation of an economical but yet flexible and secure home automation system based on Java and Bluetooth enabled mobile phone. The design is based on controlling an 8 bit Bluetooth interfaced microcontroller using User Interface (UI) of Java ME Application Program running on Bluetooth enabled Mobile Phone.

The home appliances are connected to the on/off relay via microcontroller ports and controlled through two ways: one way is conventional domestic switch and second is through mobile phone.

The communication between the mobile phone and the home automation system is through Bluetooth wireless technology. This system is designed to be economical and scalable allowing one to twenty four appliances to be controlled with minimum efforts. Password protection is being used to only allow authorized users to control the appliances at home.
Source: International Journal of Electronics and Computer Science Engineering
Author: Sharon Panth | Mahesh Jivani

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