Architecture-Based Verification of Software-Intensive Systems (Computer Project)

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Development of software-intensive systems such as embedded systems for telecommunications, avionics and automotives occurs under severe quality, schedule and budget constraints.

As the size and complexity of software-intensive systems increase dramatically, the problems originating from the design and specification of the system architecture becomes increasingly significant.

Architecture-based development approaches promise to improve the efficiency of software-intensive system development processes by reducing costs and time, while increasing quality.

This paradox is partially explained by the fact that the system architecture abstracts away unnecessary details, so that developers can concentrate both on the system as a whole, and on its individual pieces, whether it’s the components, the components’ interfaces, or connections among components.

The use of architecture description languages (ADLs) provides an important basis for verification since it describes how the system should behave, in a high level view and in a form where automated tests can be generated. Analysis and testing based on architecture specifications allow detection of problems and faults early in the development process, even before the implementation phase, thereby reducing a significant amount of costs and time.

Furthermore, tests derived from the architecture specification can later be applied to the implementation to see the conformance of the implementation with respect to the specification. This thesis extends the knowledge base in the area of architecture-based verification.

In this thesis report, an airplane control system is specified using the Architecture Analysis and Description Language (AADL). This specification will serve as a starting point of a system development process where developed architecture-based verification algorithms are applied.
Source: Mälardalen University
Author: Johnsen, Andreas

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