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Economic Development through Globalisation in Nigeria (Management Project)

Research Question: Can globalisation be seen as positive or negative for the Economic Development of Nigeria? A focus on Shell and the International Monetary Fund Research

Issue: Globalisation in its current form is viewed in the Western world as a positive influence for the Economic Development of under developed countries. However these views on the benefits brought to developing countries have been frequently disputed.

Method: The research we are undertaking is a pilot study based on documentary research. Our source of information is secondary data such as books, articles, newspapers and journals. The study employs a qualitative approach.

Conclusions: Even though globalisation is often viewed as positive we have discovered that this is not always the case in relation to its effects in Nigeria. Judging from our analysis, globalisation through the IMF and Shell has had an overall negative impact on Economic Development. However, Shell is attempting to act more responsible by adjusting its position in order to have a more positive impact on

Economic Development. On the other hand, the IMF has not adapted to Nigeria but obliges the country to adapt to the institution’s demands hindering Economic Development.
Source: Mälardalen University
Authors: Bokhari, Sven | Del Duca, Fabrizio

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