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Motivations of Females to play Poker online (Management Project)

The aim of this study is to investigate the main motives behind Swedish females’ propensity to play poker online by means of hypotheses testing through regression analysis.

Method includes collection of the information on definitions, theories and models about gambling, online gambling (precisely online poker) and motivations to gamble. Five hypotheses have been constructed based on the collected information and the survey have been created and conducted among 397 Swedish female online poker players. Further, based on gathered data, hypotheses have been tested by means of simple linear and multiple regressions..

Regression analysis revealed that emotional and material motivations together with accessibility of the game and surrounding atmosphere play a significant role in the reason why Swedish females play online poker for money. It was also found that emotional motivation was a fundamental factor that triggers Swedish women to gamble.

Furthermore, research revealed the hypothetical target segment of female Swedish online poker players. Average Swedish woman is between 30-40 years old single woman without children, who live high speed, active life (either studying or working) and who spends around 30.3 hours per months on playing online poker.
Source: Mälardalen University
Author: Bochkareva, Anastasiya | Petrova, Karina

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