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Lean Construction Supply Chain: A Literature Review (Civil Project)

The aim of this study is to enhance the management of supply systems in construction industry using lean principles. This study is an attempt to identify what kind of activities causes’ construction process delay and how to perform lean concept into supply chain in practice. The objective is to assure on-time delivery of information and materials to construction sites at lowest cost and maximum value for the customer.

These study problems have been analysed from a lean construction supply chain perspective, concentrating on decreasing and eliminating non-value adding activities in order to maximum the value for the customer. Supply complexity in construction in order to better understand which sections are easy to generate non-value adding activities.

In the thesis, literature review is the main research method to support analysing and finding, including Ohno Taiichi identified seven wastes from Toyota Production System; five lean principles described by Womack and Jonas; Theory of constraint illustrated from Goldratt Eliyahu M.
Source: KTH
Author: Ren, Jiamei

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