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Super-modular Textures: Comparisons in Practical Applications (Computer Project)

The purpose of this study is to compare the products of two different work flows in a practical environment. The work flows in question are those of building environments using super-modular textures versus the more conventional method of unique textures. The tests will try to establish whether or not the theory of the super-modular work flow holds up in practice, i.e. if the result is actually as optimized has the theory outlines.

The data of interest is gathered through tests in the Unreal Development Kit, which is a free version of the commercial Unreal engine. Results are compiled into graphs in order to give a clear overview of the differences between the two products. The results show that in the context of the tests performed the super-modular workflow allocates less memory than what can be achieved using uniquely mapped assets and that the average draw calls remain the same regardless of method.
Source: Gotland University
Author: Svetoft, John

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