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Qualitative Brand Image Analysis for a Global Brand (Management Project)

The cultural differences in the consumers’ perspectives are an important factor that affects the image of brands around the world. A brand’s image may be affected even though the company gives the same message across different cultures. In order to analyze these effects, the authors have conducted a qualitative study, chosen the chocolate brand Kinder and studying how Kinder’s brand image perception varies in four different cultures by conducting 16 in-depth interviews.

The data was afterwards categorized, analyzed and compared to each other in order to find differences and similarities of the brand image in the interviewee’s perspectives. This work’s focus is on the problem how the cultural differences can affect the perspective of individuals brand image even though this one can try to have a global standardized image.
Source: Mälardalen University
Author: Busch, Friederike | Planas Rego, Diego

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