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Designing a non-distractive Center-stack Interaction (Computer Project)

Car brands are today competing over having the most advanced technology in their cars. The drivers today control the stereo which include radio, CD, MP3 and satellite radio. They also control the climate, the GPS, surf the Internet and show a DVD for the kids in the backseat and so much more from the centerstack. All these functions have clattered the center-stack with buttons, “smart” interaction knobs as well as scroll wheels.

The buttons feel the same and thereby force the driver to change focus from the main-task, which is driving, to the center-stack. The same attention demanding situation are with the interaction knobs. In order to see the feedback the interaction knob provides, the driver needs to look at a screen located somewhere in the center-stack. World wide driver inattention causes around 60.000 deaths each year.

This study describes the process of designing a non-distractive center-stack interaction. The reader will be introduced to the background of the problem, the dierent design suggestions that were taken into consideration as well as a given full presentation of the nal result. The paper also presents an in-depth study that provides a few guidelines for designing a detached touchscreen input from output.
Source: Umeå University
Author: Kopp, Christoffer

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