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Taking the first step to a safer work environment (Mechanical Project)

As a part of improving the production, the Bolivian door manufacturer San Pedro S.A. needs to develop their level of industrial safety. Today their safety level is considered to be almost non-existing. Together with CADEFOR, San Pedro wishes for a handbook that show them how to work with industrial safety, how to implement it and were to begin.

Much needs to be done at San Pedro and the task has been to show both them and CADEFOR which parts San Pedro need to focus on to increase the overall safety. It is considered important that they chose to start with the most crucial areas but the aim is that they will, during a period of time, attend to all problem areas mentioned. The first thing San Pedro needs to do is to form an aim for the safety work. This means setting up a policy and routines for the ongoing work.

Secondly they should start working with improving the fire security, informing the personal about the risks they are exposed to. Further they should educate attendants in first aid, use the protection on the machines available and create a better luminosity environment.
Source: Linköping University
Author: Ölund, Fredrik

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