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Influence of In-filled Trench as Wave Barrier on Ground Vibrations (Civil Project)

With the development and expansion of traffic systems, problems associated with ground vibrations have required increased attention. Increasing vehicle loads,traffic volumes, and aging roads and railways,vibrations induced by traffic are gradually becoming a crucial problem.Traffic induced vibrations have much smaller amplitude than those considered in seismic design, but may nevertheless cause annoyance for humans, damage to building, disturb sensitive equipment such as measurements devices, automated manufacturing in factories, etc.

It is the purpose to study the effects of the in-filled trench (cell foam is used as in-filled material in the test)as a wave barrier on the ground vibration under excitation of a mechanical vibrator(with an electric motor) in small scale laboratory tests. Laboratory methods are utilized for investigating the influence of cell foam on vibrations in sand by conducting vertical vibration tests with different thickness of cell foam. It is concluded that cell foam used as a wave barrier material is significantly working for high frequency range and for low frequency range the effect is not so effective and obvious.
Source: KTH
Authors: Xu, Leilei

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