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Measuring and analyzing the continued innovation capability in Guizhou Huagong Tools Company (Management Project)

Just  as  the  innovation  is  one  of  the  key  elements  in  organization,  therefore  the continued  innovation capacity will derive organization successful. Whilst, measuring and analyzing CI capacity  in organization  is an  important activity. The primary goal of this paper is to audit and analyze the continued innovation (CI) capacity in Guizhou Huagong  Tools  Company  with  the  innovation  model  developed  by  Bessant&Tidd.

This  research  includes  literature  study  and  case  company  investigation,  both quality and quantity research is used in this thesis in order to obey the deductive logic. The finding of this thesis showed that Huagong Tools Company relying on a series of innovation mechanism has been  an  advance  innovation but not  the best  one,  this  is due  to  a  paucity  of  radical  innovation  and  capture  ability  from  innovation, furthermore,  an  ill-defined  innovation  strategy  has  been  incriminated  as  one  of  this circumstances,  depending  on  that,  authors  briefly  summarize  suggestions  for  the problems. At  last but not  least  the discussion about  innovation  theory  expounded  in the end.
Source: University of Gävle
Author: Zhou, Yun | Ye, Yuhan

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