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LEAP, A Platform for Evaluation of Control Algorithms (Electronics/Computer Project)

Most people are familiar with the BRIO labyrinth game and the challenge of guiding the ball through the maze. The goal of this project was to use this game to create a platform for evaluation of control algorithms. The platform was used to evaluate a few different controlling algorithms, both traditional automatic control algorithms as well as algorithms based on online incremental learning.

The game was fitted with servo actuators for tilting the maze. A camera together with computer vision algorithms were used to estimate the state of the game. The evaluated controlling algorithm had the task of calculating a proper control signal, given the estimated state of the game.

The evaluated learning systems used traditional control algorithms to provide initial training data. After initial training, the systems learned from their own actions and after a while they outperformed the controller used to provide initial training.
Source: Linköping University
Author: Öfjäll, Kristoffer

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